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What Skunks are Capable of…Other than Smelling Terrible

Background on Skunks

Anyone who watched the Looney Toons is familiar with the French accented skunk Pepe’ Le Pew who persistently chased Penelope the cat. This depiction of a skunk is not too far off from the persistence of not only skunks but also the infamous odor that they can spray at threats with devastating accuracy. Though their stink is infamous, we at Frontier Wildlife Control have noticed that skunks are capable of damaging homes and foundations with equally devastating methods.

As Above, so Below

Skunks, like squirrels and raccoons, have found themselves in attics and decided to stick around. Skunks will rip through damaged roof edges or vents to get to a warm comfy attic. They will also trample and rip up insulation which can make your heating and cooling bills skyrocket. This is usually compounded by their tendency to spray their territory and leave their droppings everywhere which can make your home smell for months on end.

These creatures are also fond of digging their homes under houses, sheds, and even concrete foundations. These tunnels can cause foundations to shift and even crack which could lead to thousands of dollars in repairs. Concrete is especially susceptible to skunks’ spray as it is porous. The liquid spray can stay in the concrete for months and can emanate through floors to stay in carpets and soil. Skunks are also fond of digging up lawns and gardens in search of grubs and roots to munch on.


Skunks can be a difficult and dangerous nuisance to get rid of so it may be best to call a professional animal control service. We at Frontier Wildlife Control would be happy to inspect your property and deal with any animal, skunk or otherwise, that may have moved in and made you unknowingly play host to it and its family. We will do our best to deal with the situation so you and your family can sleep easy knowing that you live in a pest free home.

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How to Prevent Skunk Invasion

Skunks may be clever, stealthy, and persistent, but there are multiple steps that we at Frontier Wildlife Control think should be taken so you won’t have to deal with the stinky and quite possibly dangerous job of skunk removal. These methods may not only prevent skunk invasions but also deter other like-minded critters as well.

Don’t Leave Feasts Lying Around

Trashcans make for easy pickings, so making sure that garbage is properly disposed of and covered up is a surefire way to keep skunks at bay especially since they do not have a wide feeding range. Since skunks are omnivores and have a wide palate, it is also a good idea to keep bird seed and pet food out of their reach. Treating your lawn and garden for pests and grubs will prevent skunks from digging these areas in search of insects and their larvae.

Fences and Routine Maintenance

Using wire fences along porches and foundations is another step that can be taken. This will prevent skunks from getting underneath these areas so that they can dig out a new home for themselves and families. Making sure to repair any structural damages around your roof is a good way to keep skunks out of the attic as they will find any site of minor structural damages and start burrowing there. Keeping vegetation away from the roof and walls of your home will ensure that skunks never even reach the roof let alone your attic.

Electronic Alarms

There are various electronic repellents that emit an ultrasonic noise that skunks and other creatures find annoying. There are also some electronic alarms that are motion activated sprinklers that harmlessly spray water at the hapless pest that triggered it.

Though skunks can be a persistent and dangerous pest to deal with, these proactive methods should help ensure that you don’t have to directly deal with the animals yourself. If you need any help in figuring out what products or methods would be best feel free to contact us at Frontier Wildlife Removal so we can help keep your house from becoming a habitat for the wild.

Skunk Removal

Skunk Removal

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