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How to Keep Squirrels Out of Your Home

Though squirrels are clever, small, and able to invade people’s homes, there are steps that we at Frontier Wildlife Removal recommend you take to “squirrel-proof” your home.

Regularly Inspect and Maintain Your Roof

Since squirrels spend so much time above ground, they are on roofs quite often. Roof edges can provide them with the perfect entrance point especially if the edge is damaged by the accumulation of snow, ice, and rain. Keeping a clear gutter to ensure proper drainage and cutting any vegetation and tree limbs that extend to the roof can only help in preventing squirrels easy access. When replacing part of your roof, be sure to cover any exposed roof boards and fascia with sheet metal to ensure squirrels don’t have a path straight to your attic.

Don’t Feed Them

Squirrels are known for their resourcefulness and don’t need help in finding food. Feeding them will make them want to come back for easy food and well-fed squirrels have larger litters of babies. This increase in squirrel population could lead them to expand their territory and invade your home for shelter.

It is also a great idea to keep them from indirect food sources around your property by keeping garbage in metal containers that they can’t chew through. Unguarded bird feeders are also a common target so be sure to squirrel proof these as well.

Block Off Possible Entrance Points

The last security measure that can be taken is to have galvanized steel wire grates installed over common entry points like roof vents and the like. Squirrels can’t chew through or pull these off making them the perfect fence against these persistent critters.

Squirrels may be adept at breaking in, but they can be stopped if the right precautions are taken. We at Frontier Wildlife Control would be happy to help squirrel proof your home or workplace so that you never have to deal with the pests and the costly damages they can do.

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