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How to Remove Raccoons

Though measures can be taken to prevent raccoons from entering your home, they can still find ways in so it’s important to know how to remove them if the need arises. Frontier Wildlife Control technicians are well versed in the safe, humane relocation of raccoons and think the following to be the best steps in removing them.

Know Your Intruder to Remove Raccoons

Getting an idea of where the raccoons entered and where they are staying is imperative not only in removing them but also in preventing them from returning. Raccoons are strong and smart enough to damage roof soffits, vents, and sidings, but this doesn’t mean that their entryways are always easy to find. Luckily, raccoons tend to leave clues as to how they entered like paw prints or shed fur.

Search for and Remove the Young Raccoons

Baby raccoons are immobile for the first eight weeks of their lives so need to be found and removed by hand. Finding them can be difficult as their mothers will go to excessive lengths to protect and hide them Scaring away the mother from her young will usually lead her to exit the area into the outdoors again. Once her babies are removed from the attic and put into a box, her maternal instincts will drive her to reunite with and relocate them to an alternate den location.

Remove the Mother Raccoon

Putting one-way doors over raccoon entryways and scaring the mother raccoon out of them ensures that you won’t have to worry about her attacking you or ripping up your attic in search of her babies. After she is scared away, the babies can be found and put into a warm box outside where she can relocate them from.

Removing raccoons by hand is not only humane, but it also lowers the likelihood of further damage to your house. If you don’t want to endure the painstaking process of searching and removing raccoons, give us at Frontier Wildlife Removal and we will inspect your home, humanely remove any raccoons, and help you protect your home from their possible attempts to return.

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